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RISE129 Press conference

DATE   2018-09-27

裕樹 vs Rottan、BeyNoah vs 渡部太基 其他 豪华卡确定

Press conference

On September 27th (Thursday) at Tokyo Garden Palace, "November 17 (Sat) Cygames presents RISE 129 Ryougoku Kokugikan Convention" An announcement press conference on the 2nd decision card was held.

Rise creation · Takashi Ito From the highlights of each game and the comments of each player are as follows.
In addition, the tickets for this event will be released simultaneously on each play guide from Saturday, October 6.


▼第7代Bantamweight(-55kg)在战斗中决定王位 3分钟5R无限延期R
鈴木真彦(山口道场/同一个班级第一名、WBC泰拳日本Bantamweight冠军 、DEEP☆KICK55㎏冠军、HOOST CUP日本Bantamweight冠军、第3代INNOVATIONBantamweight冠军)
結城将人(TEAM TEPPEN/同一个班级第三名)

○ Takashi Ito Comment
"We held a tournament from July, but both of us fought well for the battle. Both are very aggressive so I think that a champion is suitable for the seventh king. "

○ Comment
Suzuki: "There are lots of gorgeous cards at both countries' competitions, but please support me as I have the most impact game. "
Yuki: "Since I could not play the game I left the impact last time, I play a game that will have a solid impact and excitement. "


"Black Panther" BeyNoah (極真会館/同一个班级第二名、J-NETWORK Welterweight冠军
渡部太基(TEAM TEPPEN/第4代Krush Welterweight冠军 、WPMF日本Welterweight冠军

○ Takashi Ito Comment
"There is something striking since the main battlefield was changed to RISE from this year. I think that both skill and speech are being polished. Meanwhile, Watabe has changed his affiliation to TEAM TEPPEN and returned. In the past, considering the experiences of the RISE welterweight title battle and recent abilities, I chose the opponent of the Beinoa player and elected it. I think that welterweight will be activated with this game. "

○ Comment
Beinore "At the time of the Makuhari Games, Korean Typhoon No.3 is coming, saying you want to do with a black players with springs, and if you think that it is the next number 4, you say that you are a Japanese boy in Gorigori? And I think that we want to do memorable games at both Kokugikan galleries as a premise that we can respond to the expectations of ITO representative who organized by title match. Please expect it. Osu "
Watabe "I came back after the first time in four years. I am going to play for the first time in a year, but I think that the opponent will be able to make a fantastic game by being an undefeated goligoli American. "


▼RISE World Series -59kg合同 3分钟3R延長1R
裕 樹(日本/ANCHOR GYM/同一个班级第二名、RISE 三节课 冠军)
Rottan Zittomuangnong (Thailand / Jitt Muang Nong Jim / Lumpini Stadium Super featherweight第一名、 Rajadamnan Stadium 同一个班级第一名)

○ Takashi Ito Comment
"Everyone, I think Rottan was expecting to participate. The adjustment was terribly difficult in Thai's most powerful and popular fighter. This was also decided by cooperation of ONE Championship · Chatri CEO, Muay Thai Super Fight · Sato representative. In keeping with the thought that he wanted to play only with a strong opponent in his own remaining fighting skill life including the achievement of RISE as a meritorious crown, the circumstances decided by this card, in order to see his remaining fighting fighter life, On November 17, I would like to see Yuuki 's preparedness. "

○ Comment
Hiroki "First of all, Rotan has been drawing attention from all over the world, Thank you for organizing a game while offering offers from world fighter groups. Even in both countries, the last Makuhari Messe was also awesome and it was awesome excited at a big venue. From me it was 14 to 5 years ago from the representative Ito, the customer started with a flat state at the gold gym and 100 people and the ring started growing up to this point As I thought, Rise came, He who wipes away warmly. I think that it was because there was such a belief.
I think that it is inevitable that Tensin is now in this RISE, not a coincidence. There are lots of young fighters beginning with Tenshin. I think that everyone is top notch. I think that it is the result that that belief brought about such players gathering. I will be 36 years old as of November 17 this year. Retirement is also near. Until now I've decided the core part of practice alone. However, as Rotan's players come this way, in order to win it has to rely on others to ask for teaching. I am in such a position, I am learning various things to various people now. There are the best trainer, the best companion, the best fans around me, I am aged as this uncle, but I played the best Rotan and my precious people are doing my best Hiroki I would like to do a match that seems to be like that from my side. I would like to win the last one by hitting Rotan with the players. "

Rottan: "I'm happy to have played in Japan again. I love Japanese fans so warm. Practice not to disappoint such Japanese people, I will do my best with all my strength. Please look forward to my winning form. I watched the video of the opponent Yuuki player. My body is big, but it does not matter. "


▼-66.5kg合同 3分钟3R
HIROYA(TRY HARD GYM/第一代Krush -65kg级冠军)
内村洋次郎( Ingram /第一代ZST Welterweight冠军)

○ Takashi Ito Comment
"HIROYA player is the second round of participation following June. It is also regaining its glow. I have won KO twice in past MMA players. I am surprised myself that Uchimura is offered in the past and this timing match is decided. I would like both of you to show the attractiveness of the man who carries it to the customer and young players. "

○ Comment
HIROYA: "I will welcome MMA player Uchimura after June, but Uchimura is rich in experience of standing techniques and I still think that he is a tough opponent because he has a strong body of MMA players However, if I say that I am not confident because I myself have defeated twice with MMA players twice, I will be lying. Take a solid performance and see the best victory. 
Uchimura: "I am Uchimura who came from Pan Class. It is a great honor to have you do with the HIROYA player this time, but I talked about wanting to do with Takaya athlete last time in a pan class game. So, if you do not win against HIROYA, you cannot reach Takaya, so I definitely want to win. "


森本“狂犬”義久(BRING IT ON Parastora AKK/同一个班级第一名)
篠塚辰樹(TEAM TEPPEN/同一个班级第四名)

○ Takashi Ito Comment
"The Morimoto player who returned from the fight fighting of the throne determination game in June is a hard puncher who makes intense games as you all know, Shinotsuka at the September tournament Yagami kick three king crown kicks in a round of KO winning momentum There is a player. This card is very hot. I am very much looking forward to it. "

○ Comment
Morimoto: "Somehow Shinozuka, I'm on the grid and I want to blow it away soon. Sondake. "
Shinozuka: "Watabe also came to TEPPEN and I'm excited and I want to win the whole game, I just want to blow him away because weak fellows are ranked higher than me. "


北井智大( Team Dragon /同一个班级第三名)
白鳥大珠(TEAM TEPPEN/Super featherweight第四名、元WPMF日本Super featherweight冠军

○ Takashi Ito Comment
"This match will be a lightweight championship game," this match will be a game involving lightweight champion, with Kitai, who played a major role in July, Shiratori, who won a wonderful KO in September. "

○ Comment
Kitai: "I got in touch yesterday, I suddenly decided, but I definitely win because I will do it. Let's do a good game by fighting fight each time. "

Shiratori: "First of all, I would like to thank myself for enriching the Ryogoku convention. It was said that the opponent was decided as Kitai, so I told you that I do not have any players I want to do before this, but as the players were looking forward to seeing some people trying to think well after the game was over, I cannot decide the match and the game I want to achieve. But since Kitai players are proficient, I think I want to win overwhelmingly. "


已经决定了 战斗卡≫
▼RISE World Series -57.5kg合同 3分钟3R延長1R
工藤政英(新宿 Lefty Gym/第3代RISE Featherweight冠军)
志 朗(BeWELL kickboxing gym /ISKA世界泰拳Bantamweight冠军)

▼RISE World Series -57.5kg合同 3分钟3R延長1R
Ignacio "El misil" Capllonch (Argentina /Dojo Serpiente/WKN世界57kg级冠军)
Suakim · PK Senshaijim (Thailand / PK Senshaijimu /前 Lumpinee Stadium Super Bantamweight冠军)

清水賢吾(極真会館/RISE Heavyweight冠军

【名 称】Cygames presents RISE 129
赞 助】 RISE Creation Co., Ltd.
【认证的】 RISE commission
【特别赞助商】 Cygames Co., Ltd.
协办单位 】 Fitness shop 其他
【日期和时间】 2018年11月17日( 星期六 ) 门开 下午15:00/启动 下午15:30
会 场】両国国技館(東京都墨田区横網1-3-28)


・贵宾席 ¥50,000
・SRS座位 ¥20,000
・RS座位 ¥10,000
・Mass席 ¥9,000
・2楼A座位 ¥8,000
・2楼B座位 ¥7,000
・2楼C座位 ¥5,000
※10月6日( 星期六发布日期 at each play guide all at once
※比赛当天的门票 各 它将高出500日元。/学龄前儿童免费只在监护人的膝盖顶

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2018年9月27日( 星期四


東京 Garden Palace

主催 RISE Creation Co., Ltd.
認定 RISE commission
お問い合わせ RISE Creation 03-5319-1860


Released :  2018-12-08