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2018.05.12 Cygames presents RISE125 2

DATE   2018-05-12

Kengo Shimizu interview "I am feeling a sense of crisis when I do not prepare firmly"


He is the Rise & Shoot boxing Japanese heavyweight champion Kengo Shimizu (Kyokushin Kaikan) .Appeared from the blue corner is Peter Arts's disciple, Badr Feldaos. He is a strong enemy of 26 wins 20 wins (11 KO), but Shimizu barks quietly, "It is ideal to KO with high kicks like Arts." (Sentence · FUSE).

- RISE Big match participation has been decided.
Shimizu: I was told that holding of the Makuhari Games was announced and if I thought that I wanted to go out to play, I actually decided to participate and I am motivated right now. My first battle was raising my feelings with the story that I played with Jerome Le Banner, but there was also a part I felt a bit less than decided by another player.
However, I decided to go to the game and I only motivate and prepare. Since the game interval has been clogged since last time in March, I think that I have been able to continue good exercise.

- Why did you want to do with Banner?
Shimizu: He has name value. I was one of the players I was longing for watching on TV from junior high school students. I have a feeling that I want to have fists with such players even once. I wanted to do it if I could give such opportunities so much.

- This time your opponent Badr Feldaos is a pupil of Peter Aerts player.
Shimizu: I was the Aerts player when I first saw the old K - 1 and became a fan. I liked him since I won the Grand Prix in 1994 and my high kick was based on the high kick of Aerts player. If I could, I wanted to do with the Arts player (laugh). If possible, Aerts player and I wanted to do it (laugh). I think that I will show him a strong point because I think Aerts will come to Japan second.

- Arts has retired and is returning and repeating. If you win the apprentice, are you also considering appealing to the match?
Shimizu: Shall I tell you (laugh).

- What kind of impression do you have about Feldaos players? He is a professional career with 26 KO 20 races (11 KO), 4 losses , 2 draw and a high KO rate.
Shimizu: He is young, momentous and has technique; I think that I am the strongest player among those I fought recently.
I am not disrespectful, but I feel a sense of crisis that if I do not prepare thoroughly, I will get knocked down by him. He is 190 cm taller than me in 186 cm, but both big players have played the game a number of times and the winning percentage is not bad, so I am not concerned about that part.

- I would like you to look back on the last match in March. You had a dangerous scene when you got a punch of "Hitter" David Trallero players.
Shimizu: As usual, I was calmly aiming for the timing of the counter while getting a punch. Everyone may have thought that I was dangerous, but I could afford it in my mind.

- Shimizu is like pro wrestling lover. So why are you receiving a good skill of your opponent and becoming a professional wrestler fighting to return your skills?
Shimizu: I'm not trying to play that kind of game (laugh), but because I'm not good at defending myself, it will be like that with nature. As a result, the venue also got excited and I think that it might be a professional match.

- Are there any special skills you are enhancing for this game?
Shimizu: I used to kill you before, but recently there are a lot of KO at punch. Therefore, I am practicing to beat by kicking again. I am the best idea to KO with high kicks like Aerts players.

- - You have a high KO rate on punch. Did you have a time to strengthen your punches?
Shimizu: I had been a long time since I could only practice punch with my foot injury, so I was good at punching naturally.

- There are few heavyweight players. How are you sparring partner?
Shimizu: There is Kenta Minamihara (186 cm) which I won the best 8 at indiscriminate all-round convention in the branch to which I belong. There are several other large players including him. I also have sprung rings with facial attack with the player and head guard attached. The Kyokushin Kaikan also started a competition that recognizes a thrust to the face (ballooning) from this June as a semi contact rule. In that sense, I think that good exercise is done for each other. Also, juniors such as Baynoah often do sparring with lighter players than me.

- What are the merits of having a sparring with a light class player?
Shimizu: Lightweight players are different from heavyweight athletes in weight of attack and length of reach. However, because lightweight players are fast, there are things that you feel slow punching and kicking speed when playing with heavyweight athletes.
In addition, I also have to move fast so as not to be disturbed by the opponent, so I think that it will be beneficial to nourish the sense of speed on fighting.

- It will be an entry race together with that Baynoah player.
Shimizu: Baynoah gets results even in the Kyokushin game, and the kick is undefeated, so I feel strongly that I cannot be beaten as a senior. As the entertainer that excites the field is over there, I would like to avoid losing in the content of the game.

- In the competition, light weight class cards are available, it is the only heavyweight battle.
Shimizu: For the bigger venue, heavyweight games look nice. There is a sense of mission that I have to be excited as a few heavyweight players.

- After clearing this battle, will you also appeal Banna fight again?
Shimizu: I feel like I want to appeal without giving up, but I cannot afford to look after that because my age is also my age. It takes care of one race in a row and prepares with full power to fight a fixed game and fights.


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May 12, 2018 (Saturday)

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