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2018.05.12 Cygames presents RISE125

DATE   2018-05-12

"Black Panther" BeyNoah Interview "Aim at the RISE welterweight throne by clearing this battle"


Since professional debut, in nine races of the whole victory, RISE welterweight second place "Black Panther" BeyNoah (Kyokushin kaikan).
This time it will be the first international battle (?), but I am keen to show the splendid technique of karate preparation and panther full of wild taste. (Coverage · FUSE)

- RISE Big match participation has been decided.
Baynoah: I have never played a kick match with Korakuen Hall and Shinjuku FACE until now, so I'm really looking forward to entering a bigger venue for a longer time than usual this time. I wonder how I can show my presence in the venue where 8,000 people are in. I think I will leave a nail mark in a good way. Because I am a unique entrance tune, I am glad that you can get it flowing at a loud volume. But the length of the song was just right at Korakuen Hall, so what shall we do this time (laugh).

- Did you have fun there? (Laugh). The opponent became Yang Zinhwan of South Korea
Baynoah: Korean players on RISE are strong with I Seunghyun player, Chanhyeong Lee player.
The game of Jin Fan players watched only one game, but it is like a style that will come out more rapidly even if struck by a very tough player. I am a type that has never fought before in kicks.

- Is there anything you are accustomed to in the game of Kyokushin Karate only to the player who comes out before?
Baynoah: I am accustomed to getting used to, but there is a part I do not know if I do not know what will happen in the kick match. I am the first international warfare.

--Hmm? Beinore is a nationality in the United States, but since all people who fought up to now are Japanese players, was it international competition for the whole time?
Baynoah: That's true (laugh). I am from California, USA, so I am an American, and since I live in Japan since I was a child, I cannot lose this match as Japanese.

- In April, the momentum is also ongoing, including the first victory at the Kyokushin kaikan "2018 35th All-Japan Weight Karate Championship Tournament" lightweight tournament.
Baynoah: Thank you very much. I want to extend the undefeated record since the professional debut to 10 with tone rising as it is now this time winning way.

- What is the secret of balancing kicks and karate?
Baynoah: I think that the consciousness of fighting with the Kyokushin signboard is natural, but I think that it is the biggest thing to be fighting without being overwhelmed by not being conscious of just about it unnecessarily or enjoying the game.
In the future, Kyokushin lightweight champions will rise to the ring of RISE, I think that they will see the surroundings, so I have practiced with enthusiasm, but if the entrance tune flows, the switch of fun enters.

- Although the bearer player is half, do you think that your physical ability is high?
Baynoah: Not particularly good motor nerves. Physical training ladder training is a level competing with junior high school students.
However, it may be fighting with a sense of rhythm different from other players. Also, I do not have weight training in particular, but since I have never lost a physical in the kick game I am thankful to my father who has the blood of the United States (mother is Japanese).

- Is there any technique that is strengthening for the game?
Baynoah: While we have a lot of games on the day, Karate is only senior Kengo Shimizu player and I want to show brilliant techniques of karate. I also want to see the panther full of wild taste.

- Do you have a goal if you clear this battlefield?
Baynoah: I will aim at the welterweight belt of RISE that Danilo Zanorini has. Danilo is living in Japan and he is no longer a Japanese person, so I will become a champion by controlling a different color foreigner showdown.


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May 12, 2018 (Saturday)

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Released :  2018-12-08