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DATE   2018-09-21

Koki interview Master Kensaku Maeda has one secret strategy to say "I can definitely win if I do this."


Main event
Featherweight (-57.5 kg) 3 minutes 3R extension 1R

Shuto Miyazaki (TARGET / third place in class, Road to RIZIN KICK Tournament second place win)
Koki (Team Dragon / 8th class)


-69 kg Contract 3 min 3 r Extension 1 R

"Black Panther" BeyNoah (Kyokushin Kaikan
/ Class 2, J-NETWORK welterweight champion)
Akio Kasima (Dia Tiger Gym)


​Sixth match
Super featherweight (-60 kg) 3 min 3 r extension 1 R

TASUKU (Real Deal / 8th class) vs Hiroto (T's KICKBOXING GYM)


​Fifth match
Super featherweight (-60 kg) 3 min 3 r extension 1 R

Jun Aiorosu (STURGIS Shinjuku Jim / 10th class of the same class)
Kyosuke (Inspired Motion / Lightweight 12th, 2017 RISING ROOKIES CUP Lightweight championship)


​Fourth match
Featherweight (-57.5 kg) 3 minutes 3R extension 1R

Teppei Tsuda (Shinjuku Lefty Gym / 9th class)
Sora Anzai (Kickboxing Academy Sapporo / PETER AERTS SPIRIT 2017 All-Japan Competition General Men -55 kg Second Prize)


​Third match
RISING ROOKIES CUP light class (-63 kg) finals 3 min 3 r extension 2R

KENTA (HAYATO GYM / JAPAN CUP 2016 - 65 Kg tournament championship)
Masaumi Shimizu (Real Deal / 2016 KAMINARIMON All Japan Tournament - 65 kg class second place win)


​Second match
RISING ROOKIES CUP super lightweight (-65 kg) finals 3 min 3R extensions 2R

Taisin Jo (KSS Kenseikan / JAPAN CUP 2016 - 70 Kg tournament winner, K - 2 GRAND PRIX 2018 medium - weight class
Kazuma Mori(Team Dragon / K-1 College 2016 ~ College Student Nippon No.1 Tournament ~ -65 kg Class Winning)


First match
-53 kg Contract 3 minutes 3R

Tairan (TARGET / 2017 KAMINARIMON All Japan Competition -55 kg class wins)
Takurou Nagano(KSS Kenseikan / K-2 GRAND PRIX 2018 Lightweight Class 3rd, 265 New Karate do Kyoto Tournament K-2 Tournament Lightweight Class)


A new tournament will be started with the concept of matchmaking focusing on fighters who are expected to attract attention and evolution in RISE. That's Evol that will be held at Shinjuku FACE on September 20th. Team Dragon Kitai 's Hope Koki following the tomorrow chosen for the main event reveals secrets for defeating Shuto Miyazaki. (Listener / Sportswriter Koji Fuse)

​── Koki is the ring name?
Koki: My real name is (smile). It seems that he named it in the meaning "I want people to be loved by everyone". From around it is praised as "good character", but I personally do not like it (smile).

I also heard that it took 1 to 2 weeks only to confirm that I can use the letters of "Emperor" when I submit my birth notification. It seems that there is no problem at all now.

── Once in a while, I heard that I have been enrolled in Team Dragon.
Koki: About seven years ago, I was in an amateur time. Originally I was doing full contact karate, but there were some acquaintances in this gym. When I thought "I want to do a kick", everyone got an introduction because it was pushed "If it was, I would like a dragon." But it was an amateur, and I never played games.

── Why did you make a U turn?
Koki: It is because I felt strong desire to teach again under Master Maeda (Kensaku).

── What do you think about Maeda representative as a leader?
Koki: I have not come back yet, but since I am the one who brought up that champion so much, I can trust him absolutely.

─ ─ The severity of team dragon's proficiency has been famous for a long time.
Koki: Even when I was previously enrolled, I participated in the professional drills about the first day of introduction. The first spur was made full of people at the top of the J-NET ranking then (bitter smile). At first it was tedious.

─ ─ Tomohiro Kitai at the same gate started to show noticeable activity even at RISE. Is it a nice stimulation?
Koki: Tomohiro, you are strong even if you play a spar and you cannot mind. If Team Dragon normally goes to practice, I think that it will be a strong Jim. When I am in a bad condition, I am being killed by amateur children (bitter smile).

─ ─ In the return battle with Teppei Tsuda (Shinjuku Lefty Jim) played at 7 · 16 RISE 126, we decided to win the judgment by lowering the opponent with the timing promising from the 2R.
Koki: I was playing for the first time in a year, but what I learned from my teacher in a short time was also on Choi Choi game. I thought it would not work, but I was able to push it off because my belly acted (with a knee kick). If I were to score for self, I would like to give 60 to 70 points.

─ ─ Featherweight players have long limbs. That will be an advantage.
Koki: It is said that it is quite a big deal from the surroundings. Weight loss is 11 to 12 ㎏ in all. (Because of that reaction) I will quite eat when I turn off. Originally I eat big. I cooked ramen 3 times a day on daily at dinner. Recently I decided to refrain, I only go once a month.

── Please refrain even more. By the way, one game against Mr. Kanji Miyazaki was decided in returning second race.
Koki: (In the first round of the RISE 125 Tournament) I watched Yamato Fujita player at the first game I watched at the venue, but it is a good player. Before the game, Fujita predicted that he would beat us with normal punches, so I thought "Miyazaki played a lot of practice," I was slightly moved.

Team Dragon's Maeda representative is also famous as a strategist. Are you already given a secret strategy to capture Miyazaki?
Koki: There is one secret strategy that the teacher said "If I do this, I absolutely can win". I taught three or four in all. I will think that I will win if I do it all.

─ ─ If so, can you spare margin?
Koki: No, no, there is weight loss, there is not such a thing. Compared with my opponent so far, Miyazaki's former seed is so strong that he is quite a nervous.

── In addition, this time it was selected as the main event of the Shinjuku FACE convention.
Koki: This is a memorable first convention of a new concept. Although I went to the final game at the Rookies Cup held at the Omori convention in the past, I'm glad that I am the first time to have a proper main job this time.

─ ─ Honestly, the voices called "Miyazaki advantage" are somewhat larger in the streets from past achievements.
Koki: Yes, I want to upgrade everything down the praise, ranking and public opinion. This time it's pretty big for me if you win.

─ ─ If you win, there is a high possibility that you will be able to grab opportunities to participate in featherweight title matches in the near future (※ Masahide Kudo is the current Japanese champion).
Koki: If you win the Miyazaki player, then a mad dog (1st place Yoshihisa "Mad dog" Morimoto
You will fight against it. Actually, it is quite close to a mad dog at private, but if you win it I will throw away personal circumstances and fight. I will not be concerned with mad dogs, but my personal feelings (bitter smile)


Date and time

Friday, September 21, 2018
Opened at 18 o'clock / 18: 30 Beginning the main battle


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Humax pavilion Shinjuku Kabukicho 7F

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Released :  2018-12-08